Orton Vs DiBiase Wrestlemanis 26?

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Orton Vs DiBiase Wrestlemanis 26?
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hi guys,

I was looking on wwe.com and saw that raw was planned to have Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase. This brings speculations that this rivalry might actually happen. In the past it has been Randy Orton letting his anger out on them and the next episode them forgiving well i think the Legacy is done.


I believe Cody Rhodes will stop this match on Raw this week by DQ. Cody Rhodes wants Legacy to stay strong while Ted wants to succeed in the business and he feels Randy Orton is holding him back. A big question in this article is what side will Cody go to? I feel this will determine the winner at Wrestlemania?


As WWE normally goes the outnumbered guy will get beat down for weeks and then when they get to Wrestlemania they will win. I believe Cody will go with Randy but we have to wait and find out on Raw.


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