Go Support Your Local Indy

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2010

Let me start off by saying that I have always stayed away from the Indy scene since XPW left the scene. I was never a fan of ECW, but I liked XPW because it was around my area and to me, the characters were pretty funny. Once they folded because the owner was dumb enough to send horrible porn through the postal service, I sticked to whatever was on TV, which was WWE (and later, on Fox Sports, TNA).

People online would brag about some Indy star and make them seem like the best thing in the business. I would always think they weren't that good because they weren't on TV and were only wrestling in front of a few hundred people in small little arenas (keep in mind, TNA does the same thing for their house shows). Not to mention the dumb smark chants from the audience members, which has gotten extremely worse in TNA.

I just couldn't get into the Indy scene. Guys jumping all over the place, wrestlers that are faces in one company and then heels the next week in another company. Not to mention the price of a DVD for these companies were a bit much to pay for. I also didn't want to stay on my computer for hours looking up youtube videos. I got a nice computer, but if I wanted to watch something, I'd much rather do it on my nice TV than my low volume computer.

It wasn't until 2-3 weeks ago that my friend told me to check out Kenny Omega and his Champion of Anywhere match. I was bored and decided to check it out. I had a good laugh and thought it was funnier than a lot of stuff the guest hosts have done in WWE so I asked him what else I should check out. Next up, Omega and Danielson in the Spot that Never Ends. That was comedy gold. And at that point, I was hooked.

I found out the company, PWG, and to my great surprise, not only was Omega the champion there, but I was only an hour away from the arena. I called a couple of my friends until I got one to say yes to drive me to the show and was amazed at what I saw.

Rodrick Strong against Chris Sabin was just disturbing. Counter after counter and by the end of that match, my chest was hurting. Strong did not let up with the chops and you could hear every chop onto the chest of Sabin. Not to mention that even though the seats were right up next to the ring, they still battled outside and landed onto fans.

Chris Hero against Alex Shelley was a true mat wrestling classic. Submission moves and counter after counter. It was easy to tell that Shelley still had his back problem as he was wearing a back brace for the match. A lot of near falls and they had the crowd on their feet. After Hero won the match, he got on the mic and put over Shelley, calling him the greatest wrestler of this decade or something to that effect. As the crowd was spilt between Strong and Shelley, the crowd was spilt between these two and it was great to see them embrace and put each other over after the match.

The main event was between Kenny Omega and Davey Richards for the PWG World Championship. The crowd was really behind the challenger as Davey came from PWG and calls it his home. Davey is a damn bulldog. He has that Tyson Kidd/Chris Benoit intensity and the build of Jamie Noble (which isn't a knock at all). He's called the new best of the world and there is no doubt in my mind, he could be one of the top wrestlers. I was saddened that Omega lost the title, but I got to give it up to Davey. He allowed the fans to get into the ring to celebrate with him and put over the company and Omega.

The other matches were fast paced and played with the crowd. The crowd was hot all night, giving their favorite wrestlers a chant to build them up and playing with one another as to who the better wrestler is.

Ticket prices are really cheap and totally worth it. I urge you all to go to your local Indy show and support them. You never know who might show up and when one of those guys might get a call to head to "New York" (WWE). You could say you saw them before they got big and watch what they can do before they get the WWE "5 moves of Doom." Because I'll tell you, these matches, they don't play up to just 5 moves. They bring out the playbook and run with it all.

I'm excited to go to my next show and cannot wait to see who is fighting who. I may not be too educated on all the guys and what they are famous for, but I can respect all that hard work and their high risk for a few hundred fans a night. I'm going to go online and read up and get to know each wrestler. So if you are bored on a weekend, look up to see if there are any Indy's in your area and go check it out. It might just be worth it and give you a whole new look at what professional wrestling is.