Canada Def. USA 3-2 in OT, Capturing The All Important Gold Medal!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2010

VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 28:  Sidney Crosby #87 of Canada celebrates after scoring the matchwinning goal in overtime during the ice hockey men's gold medal game between USA and Canada on day 17 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at Canada Hockey Place on February 28, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

So with that the Olympic Games are over and could there have been any better way to finish this great event?

So much was on the line in this Canada/USA meeting. An olympic record, a chance for revenge for both teams and so much more. If Canada lost today it would have meant so much considering we were on home ice and the pressure was on, but guess what, we didn’t. We stepped up and took what was ours for the taking. Those Canadians lucky enough to stand their with golds on their necks wore them with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

That one goal meant so much to not only the players, not only to the Team Canada staff, but to all the Canadians watching this glorious event and cheering them on. When Jarome Iginla was going down and barely getting the pass off to Crosby we were just moments away from jumping from our seats in celebration. When that puck hit Crosby’s hockey stick and he let it go we got what we had been anticipating for the entire game, the entire tournament, a triumphant Team Canada.

Some people said it was in the scripts of god from the very beginning, others thought they made their own destiny with that win. Despite whichever one it may have been the thing that matters is in the end the Canadians were celebrating a job well done. Excuse me for sounding a bit like a third grade teacher there, but it was truly a great performance from the Canadians despite the last second break down from Canada when they let Zach Parise get that goal to tie the hockey game.

This game was exactly what I predicted it to be, a tight hockey game that came down right to the wire with the win coming in overtime. I was right on the spot with that and even got the score perfect for the game, but what was most important was the man with the goal. Sidney Crosby, who people are building up as the next Wayne Gretzky(which I do not agree with) got that all important goal when it came down to it. You just know this is going to be something very important on his track record as he goes around. He can say that he was the man who helped Team Canada capture hockey gold on home ice in 2010. He can say he was the one who let the Canadians breath a sigh of relief that they. He can say that medal came right from him.

Of course he would never say that, he’s Sidney Crosby, he’s quite the humble man. However I’m just pointing out that those are the kind of bragging rights he is entitled to. He can say that that was his night, he can say that night he was “great.” Although he may never accomplish what the Great One did he will be a huge hockey star and this is just going to add to his legacy for when Crosby decides to hang up his skates.

Can’t give all the credit to Sid The Kid though. Roberto Luongo was great in this game, definitely matched Ryan Miller’s game. The Canadian defense had some key stops in this hockey game. The offense had its issues, but when it came down to it two of the best offensive mind Canadians in Sidney Crosby and Jarome Iginla got the job done. I said it before that when it went to OT(because I didn’t say if, I actually called OT) it would be either players from the SJ Sharks line or players from the Staal/Crosby/Iginla line contributing that goal. And was I wrong? Iginla and Crosby got the job done, making me look like an absolute genius(for once, ha. I kid you of course).

Team Canada certainly got their revenge for that loss to Team USA earlier on in the tournament. For some reason though I have a feeling this rivalry is far from over, call it a hunch(humor intended). I can’t wait for what these two teams can bring to Sochi in 2014. Even though I believe Russia will push extra hard to make the finals and win it(like the Canadians did this year) the Americans and Canadians should still meet around semi-finals time.

The win tonight meant that Canada had took control of an Olympic Winter Games record. The record was the most gold medals ever at a Winter Olympic Games previously held by the Soviet Union. Canada was tied with them at 13 a piece and the win in men’s hockey could make it 14 and put them alone at top for that particular record. What happens? Canada pulls through, the record is theirs and they rewrite history. There was a terrific statement said describing this, “Canada said they would own the podium, well they owned the gold medal podium.” Despite USA picking up the most medals, Canada left with the most gold medals. Although it would’ve been interesting to leave with the most medals, I take gold over silver and bronze any day. Canada also set a record for most gold medals on home ice this time round topping USA’s previous record of 10.

Today’s finish has been such a great moment in Canadian Olympic History for so many reasons, but one that really stands out to me is this one. Over the years many countries have tried to step up and dethrone Canada as the hockey power in the world. Countries like Russia, Sweden, America(to a lesser extent), etc. With the terrible finish we had in Turin and losing to Russia for the past two years in the IIHF tournament maybe we were even starting to believe it. This year, we come in as top dogs and leave as top dogs taking all the bumps and hits on the road. We reassured ourselves that we indeed are the hockey powerhouse in the world!

So with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics closing I would just like for all of you to remember these Olympics and remember when Canada hosted the world.

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