Question For The Bronx Bombers

Jason KimCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2010

Every Yankee fan is hungry for another world title. Not a division crown, not the AL Championship, but the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP. Even though clutch performers such as Damon and Matsui left, the Yankees acquired Vasquez, Granderson, Winn, Johnson, and Park. But there are still many questions to be answered. 

I will try to answer these questions.

1. How will we go without Damon and Matsui? They won the WS Championship for us!

We can still go on. It's just business in baseball. To replace Matsui, Johnson has come in to take the DH role. Gardner, Winn, or Thames can all share time at LF to replace Damon.

2. Vasquez struggled during the 2004 season with the Yanks. Why did they get him?

The Yankees acquired him not to be the ace, but a quality #4 SP. A guy that can eat up innings and also strike guys out. Also, he admitted that he was injured during his '04 campaign (not to mention he placed in the top 5 in the Cy Young award voting in '09) so things should be fine for him this year.

3. How will Granderson start against lefties if he can't hit them?

It's true. Curtis Granderson had a tough time at the plate last year against lefties. But not to worry because Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long is aware of this problem. He will confront it, and look at what he did with Yankees hitters years before. This shouldn't be a problem for Coach Long.