5 NFL Teams That Could Take a Step Back In 2010

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5 NFL Teams That Could Take a Step Back In 2010

I know what opinions are like. Everyone tells me that just because you think something is going to happen does not mean that it necessarily will.

But I think that we all know in football that if we did not speculate and assume about the possibilities of an off-season, or what could be for the next, then football might start to get kind of boring.

Especially during the off-season.

All this talk about the draft and who should take who is just pure speculation. I think about 5 percent of what is speculated by professional analysts actually happens. (OK, maybe a little more.)

I do not know of anyone that has pick the draft correctly or nailed down where all the free agents will go in any given year. It just does not happen like that.

So my speculation centers around five teams that should take a step back this year. Teams that had good seasons for the most part but are just not looking like they can repeat that success again.

After all when one team moves up in the NFL it is only natural that another team moves down the ladder a little to help take their place.

I know there will be some that disagree with the teams on this list and might feel like I have gone off the deep end, but again this is all speculation.

Long live football.

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