Should WWE Turn John Morrison Heel?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 28, 2010

WWE has this funny way of making people really believe that some stars are better than what we actually believe them to be. John Morrison is an amazing superstar that has had some amazing bouts in his career but it seems that this young man has really stalled out the last couple of months ever since he lost the IC Title back at the TLC pay per view in December. Morrison’s character has really seemed to hit the glass ceiling with in the WWE so is it time to turn John Morrison heel?

            Well folks really did “hate” Morrison when was a heel back in his early days as Johnny Nitro and again when he changed into the Morrison phase of his career and was ECW Champion. The heat Morrison could get from the crowd was amazing at the time and plus when he was teaming up with The Miz, he was a solid main event performer each and every week no matter what show he was on so to see him losing to guys like Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth is sad since he has a great amount of talent.

            Morrison’s baby face push was due in a large part of WWE not having enough Baby faces on SmackDown! So when the WWE did make Morrison a good guy, people really did buy into his abilities and his persona thus making him one of the more popular stars that the WWE has today. Morrison knows that his run as a good guy could be ending soon simply because he and the WWE feels like he is ready for a main event push.

            So if John Morrison does become a heel, what does the WWE then do with him? Well for one thing, I think that Morrison can and will cut better promo’s as a heel because he knows how to insult people at a level that is just comical heck if don’t believe me, then check out some of his old “Dirt Sheet” shows with Miz at his side. The second thing that I could really see happening is Morrison winning the Money In The Bank ladder match at WrestleMania this year, well why not have him cash it in that night on Edge? If WWE went down that route, you would have your first ever Money In The Bank winner cash in his title shot at a WrestleMania and you could really push Morrison as this smart sadistic heel by taking away Edge’s dreams of a lengthy title run almost like the WWE did with Edge back in 2007 when he cashed it in on the Undertaker.

            John Morrison is a whole lot like Shawn Michaels when it comes to wrestling abilities and skills but in order to get Morrison on the same status as an HBK or Edge, the WWE needs Morrison to finally get a World Title run. John Morrison really can do it all in the ring either as a high flyer or a guy who can take you down like a technically sound way almost something that Chris Jericho as perfected in his career. Morrison will be a star for years to come but if the WWE is serious in Morrison as a World Champion then they need him to turn heel and shock the world in some sort of way that makes the fans hate him. If Morrison has a reason for the fans to hate him, then he can take the ball and run with for years to come in the WWE.