Rooney's Revelation: Would It Have Happened With Ronaldo?

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIFebruary 28, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 28:  Goalscorer Wayne Rooney of Manchester United celebrates with the trophy after victory in the Carling Cup Final between Aston Villa and Manchester United at Wembley Stadium on February 28, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Wayne Rooney again stole the headlines in the League Cup final today with a blinding header which edged Manchester United to a second half victory against Aston Villa.

His first Carling Cup victory at United saw a continuation of the blisteringly powerful form that he has established this season, totalling twenty-eight goals so far. In doing so he has also doubled in one season the number of headed goals he has scored in his career, with most of them heralding from the last few weeks of action.

Resultingly he truly has allowed himself to be considered a legend in the eyes of England, the United Kingdom and more importantly by the world.

It has all seemingly gone right for the player who emerged early on as someone who many regarded as a podgy wannabe at Everton. Many proclaimed that his stature appeared to lack the fitness that would be required to excel in the sport of football.

Showing the form of his life however he is undoubetely going to spearhead the goal scoring ambitions for the England team in South Africa later this year.

You cant help but think though that his rapid development this season, although being a continuation of a burdening career, has been produced in part due to Christiano Ronaldo’s exit.

With the Portuguese player scoring more goals in proceeding seasons Wayne was left to play second fiddle on the score sheet, never amassing more than sixteen premier league goals in a season or more than twenty-five in total.

Ronaldo seemingly dominated.

It does make you wonder then if Wayne’s blitz of goals would have been possible if Ronaldo had remained at Old Trafford. Would Rooney have have stepped to the forefront like he has this season if Ronaldo have persisted in scoring again and again?
I would like to think that his improving scoring abilities would indeed have been a possible feat under such circumstances.

The emergence of Rooney as a credible goal scorer with headers came as a huge surprise to many pundits who felt his clinical finishing and bouts of pace always portrayed his best chances hitting the back of the net.

Now that he has added the ability to head goals in an incredible fashion he now asks us to confirm him as a unmissable force in front of goal, and one that will strike fear into those who oppose him.

Dimitar Berbatov emerged as Rooney’s main competition following Ronaldo’s exit, but with Manchester United still providing England’s best chance of European glory Rooney has been successful in producing the level of football and scoring that is required for a team to succeed at such a high level.

Of course many doubted the teams chances after Ronaldo’s exit as they were left without a player capable of hitting the target week in, week out.

Maybe it was just that Rooney needed to grow into his position at Manchester United, and grow not just as a member of the outfit, but also grow as a person and a player.

The fact that he has trained so specifically and subsequently successfully with headers is a clear indication that Wayne is motivated. He is portraying to us that his dedication and determination for the sport shows no signs of being halted as he is willing to adapt to the changing conditions that are consequential of losing such a consistent and influential player.

As a result he becomes a mouth watering prospect to anyone given the opportunity to train him as he seems extremely confident and accessible.

With Wayne Rooney you evidently have a player who you can mould into anything you want him to be.

The lack of overly aggressive behaviour recently also adds to the growing maturity that Wayne is encompassing, gifting us an idol in return.

When England head to South Africa, those who have yet to hear of Rooney’s talents may be surprised to meet a Shrek lookalike leading the challenge for one of the favourites, but this will be a disgrace for any who have not recognised these talents.

They are after all talents that we expect to be evident for a good few years to come.


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