Is The Wwe Ppv Extreme Rules Needed?

james nottelingContributor IFebruary 28, 2010

Recently i have been looking on and i saw that backlash had been replaced by extreme rules and that nearly every ppv had been changed to an extreme event such as elimination chamber, tlc, hell in a cell extreme rules and money in the bank ( a new ppv for 2010) that their is already 5/13 ppv of the year based on extreme rules and plus their is still novembers ppv to be announced and that might be extreme as well highly likely it will be cyber sunday like event.

I was thinking why have extreme rules that normally only has steel cage and tlc but you have these other exciting speacialty matches at other ppv like hell in a cell. Well i believe if extreme rules is going to be a ppv to be looking forward to like royal rumble, wrestlemania and summerslam their had to be a changed.

I think the pg crap can go out the door and the night can be M so we see some actual extreme events like blood long dives and a bit of bad language. Also we could have matches like a punjabi prison match, casket match (with undertaker or Kane), ambulance match or a inferno match and for a divas match a bra and panties (great match) or i quit match.

This would be easly a sell out event and would get millions watching it and theirs nothing more to Mr. McMahon then MONEY as seen recently cutting ecw probably because of the cost and the money he was making and bringing in nxt.

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