John Terry Vs Wayne Bridge: This Has Gone Too Far!

Daniel GoochAnalyst IFebruary 27, 2010

The scandal about John Terry and Wayne Bridge has gone too far.

Yes it was interesting when it first came out, but over a week later it is dragging out too much.

John Terry has lost his captaincy and Wayne Bridge has quit the England squad.

The chances of England winning the World Cup have been slightly hampered because of a stupid affair.

The media couldn't wait for today to see if they would .... shake hands.

When was the last time there was a story in the news about two people shaking hands.

The Sky News website had as one of it leading stories... BREAKING NEWS: Bridge snubs Terry's handshake.

If you are in desperate need to the the 'aired handshake', here it is ....

My dream headline would have been: Terry and Bridge have punch up. At least there is a little bit of a story in that.

The real story should have been about what the score was going to be (Chelsea 2-4 Man.City), and not about the stupid confrontation between the pair.

It was a great match that was spoiled by off the ball antics.

Note to Terry and Bridge ... get over it and play football.