Will Arkansas Have What It Takes To Compete For The SEC Title In 2010?

Kevin McGradySenior Writer IFebruary 27, 2010

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There are two common ingredients found in almost every football team that competes in the SEC championship game. Will Arkansas have the right combination of players to meet these goals for 2010?

The two essential milestones for a true SEC title competitor are covered here .

While one can argue the point, there has never been an SEC contender that did not come close to, or exceed these goals. In fact, they are almost universal for top 10 and championship football teams across the nation.

Arkansas averaged 427 yards per game of offense in 2009. This easily qualifies the Hogs for the first goal of 393 yards of total offense. If the train stays on the track, one could easily assume that Arkansas will meet this goal in 2010.

Arkansas allowed 401 yards of offense for their opponents in 2009. This was quite a bit more than the 286 yards allowed for a true SEC contender and means the Arkansas defense would need to trim 115 yards off the opposition in 2010 to meet this goal. That is 1610 total yards of reduction across a season. 

Do you as an Arkansas football fan believe the Hogs can do this in 2010?