Chris Jericho Teaches Daniel Bryan a Lesson, Miz Is Better Than Morrison

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler The Miz celebrates a win during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After watching the first ever episode of WWE NXT last night, may I ask what the big deal is about Daniel Bryan? I have heard all over the internet claims that he is the greatest technical wrestler on the planet, claims that he will shoot straight to stardom in the WWE.

Yet on WWE NXT that was not quite what happened. He got destroyed. His match with Jericho promised to be a fantstic showdown, but in the end it was just domination by Jericho. Literally, the only thing Bryan did to take note of was some sort of inverted ankle-lock, which Jericho sold like the true pro that he is. It is not just that, Jericho taught Bryan a wrestling lesson. Danielson may be the master of submission, but then again Jericho made him submit in just over a second in the walls.

It may be unfair to analyse Bryan too much on his first outing, but what worries me is the rave reviews he got. He wasn't that great. This performance could have been easily bettered by The Miz, and that is not an insult because the Miz is awesome. Bryan's one leap of faith almost resulted in him being added to the injury list. Jericho taught Bryan in this match what wrestling is all about, Jericho put on a clinic in this match and I am afraid Danielson just couldn't keep up, in which case Jericho has to win the award for being the best in the world at what he does.

Apart from that Bryan does not look like a wrestler. I thought the Miz was exaggerating when he called him an accountant but I have to agree after seeing him on NXT. He does not look remotely threatening in any way, and his wrestling attire? I mean come on, its not the 1980's anymore.  

May I also add that that another wrestler on NXT, Dabid Otunga made quite the impact. This man looks like the real deal, and I was suprised at the ease to which WWE let him win. It shows what intentions they must have for him.

Which brings me onto the  Miz. People on this site are absolutley raving about John Morrison, but I just cannot see why. On the mic he is average at best and his charisma is pretty much non existent compared to The Miz. Everyone thinks that Morrison should be elevated to main-event status but I could not disagree more. I watch his matches and all his offense is just really repetitive. He does the same moves match in match out. John Cena does that. Just because you can throw a nice kick does not mean I want to see it every match he competes in.

I am actually going to make a bold statement here that Miz is better in the ring than Morrison as well as in a different league on the mic. The Miz is actually coming up with new and unpredictable offense every match, he very rarely repeats moves other than his signature moves. Whereas with Morrison all he can really do is kick and pull of some poor punches. Morrison is good in the ring, but The Miz actually has a broader move-set. Miz reminds me of Chris Jericho, not just on the mic but in the ring. Jericho always makes every match he wrestles unique and believable by constantly varying his moveset. He slaps his opponents, gives disrespectful kicks and you get the feeling he can execute any move at will. The Miz, from what I have seen has to be a top seven wrestler in ther company now, just on his in-ring skills.  I enjoy watching the Miz wrestle, but with Morrison everything is exaggerated and repetitive.

So I come to this conclusion. Morrison at the moment is a mid-carder, he does not deserve to be in the main event. The Miz however has everything required to be at that level. You want further proof, look no further than the three belts the Miz has at the moment to the zero that Morrison has. Miz is competing higher on the Raw card than Morrison is on the Smackdown! one. It therefore looks as if WWE agrees as well that the Miz may well be the next big thing in the company.