Results From The Writers Competition, Number 1

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJuly 6, 2008

Well guys and gals, I'm sure everyone knows the results of the PPV, but I will re-post them anyway.

Justin Buchholz def Corey Hill

Melvin Guilliard def Dennis Siver

Cole Miller def Jorge Gurgel

Gabriel Gonzaga def Justin McCully

Tyson Griffin def Marcus Aurelio

Josh Koscheck def Chris Lytle

Joe Stevenson def Gleison Tibau

Patrick Cote def Ricardo Almeida

Forrest Griffin def Quinton Jackson

The results of the writers choices broke down like this. Many had only two wrong, which is very impressive to go 7-2 in a night, but one fighter missed 1. And if Gurgel would have held on for 12 more seconds, it could have been 0.

The Winner of the 1st Annual Writers Competition is...(insert drum roll)...

Me (Jason Foucha).

(Approaches the podium)

"There are so many people I'd like to thank. Wow....umm God first and for I can't believe this happened. My parents, I love you mom and dad........O, the troops in Iraq, we support you, thanks for fighting for there's so many more but my time is up.....thanks again......oh wait last but not least, I'd like to thank me, just for being that amazing."

Next week will be double duty, we have Affliction and Fight Night.