Should WWE Turn Triple H Heel Again?

DidoContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

According to sources, there have been talks about having Triple H become a heel once again in his career.

Seems like it was supposed to happen early last year, but plans were stalled due to the most recent DX reunion.

Triple H has been a face in the WWE since 2006, and I think it's about time to turn him back into the cerebral assassin that dominated WWE from 2003-2005.

He gave birth to Evolution, which developed future WWE stars Batista and Randy Orton.

He monopolized WWE when each member held WWE gold. Now that Shawn is embroiled in a feud with Undertaker, it seems DX is officially split once again.

So here's the chance for WWE to pull the trigger and make it happen. Remember when Triple H attacked Shawn after he came back from a four year absense?

Or how about when he turned on Ric Flair and in a terrible scene backstage, terrifingly brutalized Naitch.

What do you guys think?

Should Triple H become a heel again?