Fantasy Baseball Tips and Advice

Dominick ScarfoglieroContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

Fantasy Baseball is finally upon us, and it is time to start getting prepared for your draft day. Click HERE for the Fantasy Baseball page.

There are many things you need to take into consideration going into your draft day. In pretty much every league you should take a power hitter in the first round. After the top three, it is pretty much your choice on who to pick first. The top three should go as followed: Pujols, A-Rod, Hanley Ramirez. Depending on what number pick you have, your second round pick could either be a pitcher or another batter. If you have an early pick in the second round I would go for another batter, because most likely Mark Teixeria will still be available, or another player of the caliber. If you have a late pick in the second round I would suggest a top shelf pitcher; my number one pitcher is Felix Hernandez. Depending on what you take in the second round, pitcher or batter, you should take the opposite in the third round. The fourth round is a weird round, you really should just take the best available player on the board. In the fifth round you should take a closer, if possible Mariano Rivera. After the fifth round you should start filling the open roster spots for you team.

Download all of my rankings and keep them next to you on your draft day and cross off the players as they are picked. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me over an email. Please refer to the Fantasy Baseball Page, on, throughout the season for the latest updates and advice.