TNA Not Getting Good News Heading Into The 8th

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2010

Last night’s episode of TNA Impact on SpikeTV scored a 1.14 (1.1) cable rating, with 1.5 million viewers. This marks the lowest number yet during the Hulk Hogan-Eric Bischoff regime.

NOT a good sign at all for TNA. Ratings are sinking while this past Raw's rating was up to a 3.8 this past week with 5.5 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.77 and 3.83. Let's not forget, however, the show did this number after a PPV, but the numbers are a lot better than the week before, the "go home" show for the Chamber.

TNA cannot he happy with this news. TNT did have a good NBA game between the Celtics and Cavs (if WWE can use MNF as an excuse, why can't TNA use the NBA) but still, the numbers continue to dip and did worse than WWE NXT.

The move to Monday might seem like a breath of fresh air for TNA, though. The talk is that during commercials for Raw, they hope viewers might channel flip and stumble across TNA. With that, they hope to put on a better product than WWE and make those viewers stay on their product. Monday is, of course, wrestling night.

I did not watch the entire broadcast of TNA, though, and only saw the parts with Hogan/Abyss/Flair/Styles. The production isn't anywhere close to WWE's, but the segments could be considered just as good (or bad) as a guest host segment.

Still, not good to see TNA ratings continue to dip. They needed a strong showing on Thursday nights top hope to bring that audience to watch them on Monday night as who knows how many Raw fans watch Impact and would pick Impact over Raw. Going to be an interesting two weeks for TNA as they continue to push their product into the Monday night time slot.