Cody Rhodes: Does He Deserve a Push More Than Dibiase

Brian WoodsContributor IIFebruary 26, 2010

Lately I have been hearing rumors and seeing how Ted Dibiase is getting a push, which will probably result in a match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.

Now this is just my opinion but, I don't think it's Ted that deserves this push, I think it should be Cody Rhodes instead.

Ted is bigger than Cody ,but  that's where I think that the comparisons favor Dibiase. (Cody's better on the mic, not by much but still better.)

From the very green rookie who had to be led around by the hand of Hardcore Holly to the solid performer he is today.

Cody has improved every aspect of his performence inside and outside the ring.(and he's continuing to get better.)

When Ted got to the WWE he was just handed the World Tag Team Championships, je wasn't a very good talker

In my opinion, he really hasn't improved that much sense coming to the WWE. Without the last name Dibiase I don't even think he gets out of the mid card stature.

Cody has proven that he's better than Ted by basically doing most of the talking for Legacy, even though he has a lisp, he's persevered through that.

Cody has been in the WWE longer than Dibiase, but still they give the push to Dibiase instead of Rhodes I don't get it.

Maybe they're trying to push both of them I don't know, but by the looks of the things they're looking at Ted as being the next best thing, and making Cody wait for a little while longer.

I have also heard that it could be Dibiase vs. Orton with Cody Rhodes as the special guest referee, but that still has Dibiase getting pushed over Rhodes because he's actually wrestling in the match.

I'm not quite sure where they are going with the Legacy vs. Orton storyline, but it seems that they're going in the wrong direction.

As I think I made it pretty clear that I think it should be Rhodes, not Dibiase, getting the push.

I would like to know what your take on this is, please leave comments.