Open Mic: Why NASCAR is a Sport.

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

I'm not about to make a long, lengthy post about what I think constitutes a sport or what determines whether someone is an athlete or not...

I have grown tired of people saying that NASCAR isn't a sport because of THEIR set guidelines. I know this is a place where you can come on here and express your opinion about something, but don't tell me something I enjoy is not a sport because it does not meet YOUR requirements of a sport.

I could come on here and make a set of rules and show how football could not be considered a sport...or any other event.

The bottom line is...I am not gonna write an article defending why I call NASCAR a sport. I want to call it a sport because that is my choice, just like it is anyone's choice to say it isn't a sport. Therefore, this article is not gonna have any set of guidelines or rules.

If someone wants to call their favorite event a sport, let them. Don't make comments about why their favorite event is not a sport because it does not meet YOUR set of guidelines.