A New Beginning Dale Jr 2010

Dottie travisCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2010

The season just started and the bashing has begun i dont believe it can we at least wait until the 6th or 7th race before we pass judgement? I know that axle breaking didnt help your confidence. you were sky high after daytona, but that axle just knocked the steam out of him. he finished 32nd.

At the end of the Race in Fontana last week I closed my eyes and saw myself touching your hands junior, Putting my arm around your shoulder and whispering in  your ear telling you the season just started. Have a little confidence in yourself Like i have confidence in you, this week we have Vegas baby you go out there and get'em and one more thing hold your head up and put a smile on that sweet face :-) baby.

I have never been so dedicated to anyone as i am with Junior. I have been a fan for 10+ years and intend on being there until he hangs up his keys for good. your a talented driver Dalejr your a champion, you are my champion always #1 to me. I haven't given up on you , dont give up on yourself.

I know you dont like Las vegs that much but your a talent i think your time will come just go out there and race the best race you can. and know that i along with your true fans of junior nation are behind 10,000% and we LOVE you.