NBA: The Real Trade Grade Analysis

Greg RiotAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2010

By now, we’ve had time to see the effects of the 2010 NBA Trade Deadline. As always, these things take time to develop, especially with stars on one team becoming role players for another.

Let’s break these down fast and furious!


Cleveland Cavaliers—Jamison, LeBron Struggle To Make Music

As with everything in Cleveland, nothing matters until the NBA Finals, and if Jamison doesn’t help Cleveland to the promised land, then this trade will be a gigantic failure.

In the meantime, Cleveland is just 1-6 ATS in their past seven games and 1-4-2 ATS on the road. Their three-game losing streak since bringing Jamison in was the worst of their entire season.

Jamison is now on the books for over $25 million with the Cavs through 2012, and though he is listed as a power forward, Jamison is still a finesse style player when it comes down to it.  And though he can run with LeBron, he’s still not the banger that they really need. With 13.0 points per game since arriving in Cleveland, he’s not the scorer they thought he’d be, either.

Would you rather have had Jamison on the hook for about $13 million a year for two-and-a-half years, or Amar'e for one more year at just over $17 million?

Grade: B- (still has potential)


Houston Rockets—Kevin Martin Pedestrian So Far

The Rockets’ trade for Kevin Martin seemed like a perfect marriage, but at second glance, Martin has had immense difficulty melding with the starting lineup of Houston.

He has 15.3 points per game, and when it comes to a gunner like Martin, points are all that matter. The Rockets have lost three straight games since the makeover, and only the loss to Orlando is completely justifiable. They’re four games out of the playoffs right now, and unless Martin starts lighting up the scoreboard like he’s supposed to, this trade is a bust.

Houston ranks 13th in the league with 100.8 points per game, and to be a contender with the small frontcourt they have, they need to be a top-five scoring team.

Grade: C-


Dallas Mavericks—Cutler, Haywood Blossoming for Surging Mavs

The Mavericks acquisition of Haywood and Caron Butler is causing quite a stir as well. Averaging about an 11-and-11 so far, Haywood has bolstered the frontcourt of Dallas emphatically.

For his part, Butler’s ability to run at the two, three, and four spots on the court make him a valuable asset to a Dallas team that is designed to match up well against the big powerhouses in the West.

A big win over Cleveland put the Mavs at 5-0 SU and 4-1 ATS. So far, so great.

Grade: A-


Portland Trailblazers—Camby’s Already Hurt

Marcus Camby suffered the same fate as the other big men in Portland, but instead of a season-ending knee injury, all he had was a sprained ankle.

Portland hasn’t properly been tested since Camby’s arrival, but if losses to Boston and Utah are any indication of how playoff-ready this team is, then the 2009-10 season is already a wash.

Grade: C+


Boston Celtics—Nate Robinson

One appearance that equaled 4.0 points and just a single assist in 16 minutes. I’m still not sure if I’d rather have Nate Robinson coming off the bench or Eddie House in the playoffs.

So until we see more of what Nate can do off the bench, then this is a write-off for now.

Grade: N/A