The Origin of NASCAR's Most Infamous Nicknames

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The Origin of NASCAR's Most Infamous Nicknames

What is it about nicknames that we as a society love so much?

Nicknames are commonly developed from a personality characteristic of someone ... or a facial characteristic. In a sense, they define who we are as individuals.

Some are given out of affection or familiarity, other are meant to ridicule.

Love 'em or hate 'em, we've all called someone by a pet name at some point in our lives and more than likely we've heard someone call us by some silly alternate.

Even as an adult, my father will still call me by my childhood nickname from time to time...Clementine, a name derived from my initials.

It was a alias that I shunned during my formidable years. The mere mention of it would embarrass me to the ends of the earth.

To make matters worse, my dad wouldn't just say it in casual conversation, oh no!

In his boisterous Southern drawl he'd shout it out in public places . His voice echoed like a bullhorn for all to hear as I turned a mighty shade of crimson each and every time.

It's funny how things change as we grow older.

Today when I hear him say it, I can't imagine a sweeter sound.

While studies show that female nicknames tend to reflect physical and emotional traits, nicknames given to men often reflect their social status and accomplishments.

Such is the case when it comes to some of NASCAR's most exacting personalities.

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