Wimbeldon Final 2008 Preview- Federer V Nadal. Where The Power Lies

Tim AndersonCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

Federer V Nadal- Third time to define where the Power Lies


The titanic battle for control of men’s tennis will continue on Sunday when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal face each other for the third consecutive year in the eagerly anticipated Wimbledon final.The only question as to whether the two of them were not going to meet each other was washed away when Novak Djokovic was dumped from the draw in the second round. From then, it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the 5 time winner Roger Federer and the 2 time finalist Rafael Nadal as they progressed throughout the draw. Federer was never even pushed to a fourth set, Nadal just once, such has been their dominance.


Nadal, the number 2 in the world for the past 3 frustrating years, is stronger, fitter and better prepared to take on the number 1 than ever before. Frustration given added spice as he is still holds a winning record head to head over Federer and yet has lost the two previous Wimbledon finals to him. Nadal is well aware of Wimbeldon’s status, the most coveted title in all of tennis and he knows that this is the one that has defined many greats of the game.


Roger Federer, untouchable for the past 5 years has had a mixed year by his own standards, nearly losing more times this year than in the whole of the last and was given a belting by Nadal in the French Open final last month for the third consecutive year. Knives have been held to the back of the caesar of tennis, his majestic powers supposedly on the wane.

12 Grand Slam titles to his name has already defined his standing but at 26, he is now on the brink of taking some of the records that could take him to the top of the hall of greats. 2 more grand slam titles and he equals Pete Sampras record wins. Win the French, and he completes the grand slam of winning all four major titles. Another year at the top and he will probably get close to Sampras’ record time at no.1. Win at Wimbledon this year and he becomes the only player to win 6 in a row in the Open Era and the first in over a hundred years. 


If Federer wins, Nadal’s place will be confirmed at no.2, a great clay court specialist whose efforts and improvements once again fall at the final hurdle. The rest of the season will be about Federer again, his average year a mere dip in his all conquering genius. If Nadal wins, the waning powers of Federer will be confirmed, the new era of Nadal will have arrived and quite possibly, Federer will finally be overtaken by the end of the season by his Spanish challenger as No1 player in the world. This final has all the makings of an epic battle, and one set to define where the power lies in the tennis world.