Kansas City Royals To "Choke Their Own Chickens" at the K This Year

Jordan BrattCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

Despite all the talk about pessimism and optimism regarding the Royals , their offseason and the 2010 players they plan to trot out on the field, there is one clear reason for EVERY baseball fan in Kansas City to get excited.

Royals fan or not...going to "The K" just got a whole lot more tasty .

In recent days, Wiener-gate has provided the Royals with an embarrassment, but this recent cuisine inspired move appears to be in step with what the people want.

This was a great move by the club as it is a zero risk endeavor—Kansas Citians love Stroud's and Runelvys Hernandez is no longer on the club to eat his way out of playing time.

All that's needed now is an Arthur Bryants stand at "The K;" then we'll all be too full to criticize the on-field product.