A Half-Hearted Plead To Yahoo! Sports

Jon AlbaCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

For years, and I mean years, I have been a reader of Yahoo! Sports. I found their news pretty resourceful, their fantasy games relatively fun and easy to play, and their service overall pretty strong.

As I became the head administrator of this site, I moved my focus clearly to breaking news and rumors. As per this, it became necessary to delve often into the Yahoo! Sports rumor bag, taking a look for anything good.

Since that day, I have used only one thing tipped-off from a Yahoo! writer, and that was via Jeff Passan’s twitter page. Why do you ask? Let the ranting begin.

I write this little post to Yahoo! as a plead for consistency. If they are to be taken as a 100% legitimate news source for all things (not just sports alone), it is imperative that they investigate into these matters. Let us delve into the matters.


Complaint Number One: Lack Of Knowledge

You heard it. I am going out and calling some of Yahoo’s writers ignorant.

First off, let me make myself clear. Not all of them are, well, idiots. Some of them are some of the most well-respected writers in the nation from various incredibly reputable media outlets.

Yet there are some that do not make the cut. Often times, their writers do not even think their articles through, and will make absolutely absurd claims. They will repeat news that has already occurred days after, often times referring to them as rumors. They are proven inaccurate in some of the simplest of things, such as even naming teams.

Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Let it be clear that the original title of this piece was Blackhawks trading with Mighty Ducks? Until it was pointed out until the editor via 34 since-deleted comments that the team dropped the “Mighty” part of their name when Disney dropped their lease years ago. Too bad he forgot to actually read the article, where Miller openly refers to them as still being mighty.

The article was released 2/8/10. It has yet to be touched once since the title-fix, even with various user complaints.


Complaint Number Two: Blatant Inaccuracies

I mentioned prior the numerous mistakes and inaccuracies in the Yahoo! Sports writing. This appears to be a reoccurring theme with the writers, as it seems that they will go at great lengths to cover up a fact just so they can prove a point or make things look in their favor.

Take this December article by the aforementioned Miller.

Not only does this display his ignorance (as he again refers to the Ducks by their former name, a name which was dropped in 2006), but he fails to mention a crucial note in his argument.

In it, he states that the Ducks were at the bottom of the cellar in the Western Conference. As of the date of this writing, the Ducks in fact were only six points back of a playoff spot, and at this current time are just two points out. He also implies that Selanne’s season is rather sub-par for such a high-paid player. He must have forgotten that Selanne only played two games in December, missing most of the month with some nagging injuries.


Complaint Number Three: Editing

Toss this one up in the “or lack thereof” category. One would believe that a news source as prestigious as Yahoo! would take notice to their articles. Evidently, not.

Take this for example.

Any “professional” writer is fully aware that it is necessary to write out numbers up to certain digits, with one and three being obvious examples. In addition, two of the paragraphs are “mushed” together, while the rest are not. Is this really just laziness?

Or perhaps read this excuse of a rumor.

$9.8 million Euros. Last time I checked (and pardon me if I’m wrong because I’m barely passing high school with a solid GPA and membership in the National Honor Society) the United States symbol for dollars was $. If he is referring to Euros, CLEARLY it is not applicable to put the United States monetary unit. It does not take a genius by any means to acknowledge this, as here I am an amateur taking note.

All it takes to pick up on these things is some careful reading and a degree in fourth grade English, but apparently that may be too much to ask for. Oh and did I mention that both of those pieces were written today alone?


Verdict: Lazy

To be completely direct, not all of Yahoo! is bad. They do continue to have some quality articles, and are as mentioned earlier consistent. However, this consistency also carries over to their inconsistency, which has apparently carried over to the all-important sports department.

SportsFullCircle Piss Fumes correspondent Tanner Kish elaborated on the overall site’s presentation.

Yahoo! News never has any good news stories, they really need to think of some better headline news”

Does that not sound like the simplest request? A news source to have quality news. Evidently it is too much. Yahoo! and Yahoo! Sports will continue to exhibit carelessness in their writings, and the rest of the Internet will only laugh.

So please Yahoo!, take my advice. Read your articles. Edit them. Make sure things are correct and not incoherent rambling.

By no means am I a perfect writer, nor all the publications I write for. But part of making oneself legitimate is by writing with quality and efficiency, and this is something that has been much needed at Yahoo! for quite a long time. It is on rare occasion that I ever write in first person in the first place, so it should be clear that this is out of sincere concern.

Provide the world with quality Yahoo!, not recycled waste.

Or maybe it is just because they’re going green. Recycled waste becomes appreciated in today’s society anyway.

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