Tennis Activity: Too Much Versus Not Enough

Randy Lynn RutledgeContributor IFebruary 25, 2010

Maintaining peak performance capabilities requires an understanding of how much play and training time your body can stand. Too much inactivity and you risk losing the conditioning that allows you to stay up with the "pack." To much activity and you deprive your body of precious rest and repair time.

As springtime slowly approaches, it's time to gradually increase the intensity of those cross-training workouts to maintain an edge over your regular opponents and practice partners. Consider adding some running or jogging to help shake off the winter legs, jumping rope will help strengthen the muscles needed to fully utilize ground force in your strokes and hits, light weight training will give upper body muscles a slight tune-up, and some flexibility work can ward off potential injury. The key is to gradually prepare, so an early start should give you the necessary time to build yourself up and get back your body conditioning which was given up to winter inactivity and indulgence.