The Mets Big Three Wright, Bay, & Francoeur Look Good On Paper.

Keith BennettCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

 If Wright, Bay, & Francoeur stay healthy might do damage. The mets hit 95 home runs last year.  The Big three could hit 95 to 100 home runs. This would be not good for the National League. Jason Bay had bayful year with the Red Sox. 36 Homers 119 RBIs he hit last year. That every year for Bay. David Wright hit 33 & 30 Home Runs in 09 & 08. I think was trying to pull the ball too much last year. Look around David there Bay, Francoeur, Reyes, & Carlos Beltran. Jeff Francoeur Batted .311 as a Met. 15 Home Runs last year. 29 in 06 as a Brave. HoJo helping Francoeur with strikeouts. Citifield may look different this year! Maybe?