2006 All Over Again

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

This was the kind of game that I picture the 2006 Mets playing.  Get a lead, give it up but show tons of heart and re-take the lead in the ninth for the victory.  Not to mention the use of every single position player in a very solid win for the Mets.  There were many promising aspects of tonight's game.  Carlos Delgado going 2 for 5 including a huge single against J.C Romero who had previously been 1 for 15 against.  Not to mention John Maine pitching five and two-thirds innings of one-hit baseball, unfortunately the one hit was a Ryan Howard 3-run home r that probably wouldn't have been gone in Shea Stadium.  Or Jerry Manuel, thebaseball genius, tinkering around with the bench in the eight inning, eventually leading to a HUGE Brian Schneider RBI double.  However, there was one HUGE negative.  Ryan Church came out of the game because of "diziness".  Hopefully it was a direct response to him being hit in the elbow and will not turn out to be a month-long fiasco like his post-concussion syndrome was last time.  And I believe Matt Yallof said it best, saying that "even though the Mets have been losing every other day, they still seem like they have more juice in the late innings."  I wonder why they've been playing with more juice.  It must have been some change in management.  I GOT IT, their must have been some small un-publicized coaching change that resulted in the players being loser and therefore playing better.  MAYBE, it was when the Mets fired the old, no-heart Yankee and hired a "gangsta" who actually understood that some people can't be the clean-shaven,cologne producing, boring baseball players.  But that winning is actually relating to running balls out and trying hard.  But  seriously, Jerry Manuel has enstilled a new sense of heart into the team and became as Gary Cohen said a "chess-master" which, as I said above led to a big base knock from Brian Schneider.