Morrison/Punk, Modern Day Michaels/Hart?

Jack GoodwillieContributor IFebruary 25, 2010

Let's go back to Summer 2007. While the ECW brand was starting to decline, the John Morrison feud with CM Punk was one of the best parts about the entire WWE at that time.

Morrison played the arrogant heel, the ECW Champion, while Punk played the focused, technically sound working class hero. It was a culture clash that made for a great feud both on the microphone and in the ring.

Sounds a lot like another great feud does it not? Try the legendary war between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that went on throughout their careers.

The Shawn Michaels of the '90s was a character who dripped charisma and was one of the most athletic stars in WWF. Bret Hart could cut a promo, but was not in Michaels' league in that area. Instead he was easily the best technical wrestler of his generation.

In this day and age, the players have changed, but the game remains the same. John Morrison has taken the role of Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk likewise portraying Bret Hart.

No matter who the heel is and who the face is, these two superstars can put on fantastic matches with one another, just like Michaels and Hart did. What makes this feud even better is how talented both guys are on the microphone as opposed to just one having that talent.

Another similarity between the present day Hitman-Heartbreak Kid feud and the original is that the Bret Hart character reached the main event just before the Shawn Michaels character did. Hence, Punk is there now while Morrison is still in the upper-midcard.

But like Michaels, Morrison is very close to breaking into the main event with Punk. He could very well be at that point within the next year. Perhaps Wrestlemania 27?

It was the triumph over Hart at Wrestlemania 12, after all, that put Michaels over the top. Michaels won the first ever iron man match to have to go to sudden death, and hence won his first WWF Championship.

Morrison can accomplish greatness the same way Michaels did. Punk's Straight-Edge Society will have probably run its course by then, so why not have Morrison challenge Punk for the World Heavyweight Title?

Feasibly, this could have went down this year rather than having to wait another year. All that needed to happen was for Morrison to win the Elimination Chamber, then have Punk challenge him later.

But the point is this: WWE has a chance to repeat history in order to seal the deal on creating two of the biggest stars of this era. Punk vs Morrison was a bright spot of 2007. Will it become a standard for the future? Only time will tell.