Rebuilding The Buffalo Bills

Liam CallahanContributor IApril 3, 2017

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills have been setting a lot of records lately.

Longest playoff drought - 10 seasons (tied with the Lions)

Longest active playoff victory drought - 14 seasons (5th longest)

Longest active Super Bowl drought- 44 seasons (8th longest)

The Buffalo Bills are a former shell of what they once were however the light is visible if they make a few moves this off-season.

Since the head coaching position has been filled I cannot make any suggestions for that but I do have some comments: they should have paid Bill Cowher what he asked for, and let him pick is own staff minus special teams. Bobby April is one of the best in the business but they fired him in their house cleaning this off-season. Now he's with the Eagles, NFC East watch out. Bobby April in command of a special teams unit that has De'Sean Jackson= Scary.

With the NFL Draft two months away the Bills have better be doing their homework. This is one of the deepest drafts in recent history and they need to get the right pieces for the slowly eroding puzzle. With that we will now explore the 2010 NFL Draft.

Team Needs: QB, LT, DT, OLB, WR, OL Depth

Draft Picks RD 1 (9), RD 2 (41), RD 3 (73) RD 4 (108) Round 5 (142), RD 6 (181), RD 7 (220) and (248)

RD 1: The Bills have numerous options at #9. If either of the two quarterbacks are still on the board, Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford, they should select a QB with there first pick. New coaching regimes want new quarterbacks and both can play in cold and wind. If both are gone Eric Berry should be their target the safety from Tennessee has been compared to Ed Reed and would fit nicely next to Jarius Byrd. Yes that may mean the end of Donte Whitner but many teams will still be high on him since he’s only in his 4th season and the Bills might be able get a 2nd round pick for him. The final choice is Iowa tackle Brian Bulaga at 6'6'' and 312 pounds he is a prototype left tackle that could be the cornerstone for the Bills to build off of. If the Bills feel that Bulaga will be there in the top 15 they should trade down and get another 3rd pick to secure the services of Dan LeFevour.

TRADE: The Chargers are actively shopping Antonio Cromartie the Bills should explore trading Marshawn Lynch for the  ball hawking skills of Cromartie.

RD 2: The Bills should use this area of the draft to work on the defensive side of the ball. Top college defensive tackles, defensive ends, and linebackers will be available and the Bills need to get one of them. Brandon Spikes from Florida would give some speed and agility at LB so would Novorro Bowman from Penn St. (aka Linebacker U). Jerry Hughes from TCU fills a hole at OLB. Also BIG Terrence Cody from Alabama should still be available and if looks like he dropped some weight he could be a Vince Wilfork type player someday.

RD 3: If the Bills don’t draft a quarterback in RD 1 then Dan LaFevour from Central Michigan is their man. The NCAA all time leader with 149 touchdowns is a big mobile quarterback who many have called a “poor mans Tim Tebow”. This guys is 6’3 229 pounds and can handle the cold weather of Buffalo. If they do secure a additional 3rd round pick they should look into drafting WR Jordan Shipley from Texas

RD 4: Eric Decker a WR from Minnesota, Sam Yong a 6' 8" 320 lbs

OT from Notre Dame, or C.J. Wilson from East Carolina are worth a look in the 4th round.

RD 5: Torrell Troup a 6’3 314 pound DT out of UCF should be available and could fill some holes on the defensive line if they miss out on Terrence Cody. Walter Thurmond III a 6’0 175 pound CB from Oregon will also be available.

RD 6: Ed Wang is an offensive tackle that should be available in round 6 and can provide the Bills with some OL depth.

RD 7: The Bills should pick up QB Mike Kafka from Northwestern to be their 3rd string quarterbacks, another big smart quarterback who is used to cold weather.

RD 7: Chris Marinelli a massive offensive lineman from Stanford is listed at 6’7 305 pounds and gives them another big body on the offensive line.

As for free agency the Bills should look to try and get Rob Sims a 26 year old offensive guard rated as the #5 offensive guard in free agency, also he is unrestricted which means the Bills wouldn’t have to part with any picks if they sign him. Antonio Bryant and Nate Burleson are to 29 year old WR who could replace Owens when he leaves Buffalo. A wild card shot would be to bring Joey Porter over from the Dolphins, I know he’s a problem waiting to happen but Owens wasn’t as bad a people thought this year, and I’m sure he’d like a chance to play the Dolphins twice.