WWE NXT Isn't Much Different From ECW

Logan LohmanContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

Last night was the debut episode of WWE NXT. We saw eight new pro wrestling hopefuls wanting their shot for the chance to become the next WWE superstar. WWE NXT showed us a few different things you don't see on their regular programming. One of the things was their camera angles. WWE used a close up camera angle, which I personally don't like. I guess they were trying to show you something new. The WWE even added a backstage interviewer who was Matt Striker, and I liked that. I liked it much better than the close up camera angle.

Aside from being a new themed set, WWE NXT isn't really that different from ECW. We saw younger talent co-working with older wrestlers. Maybe it will turn out to be different as we have just seen one episode, but I personally doubt any big changes will be taking place.

We did get to see some of the bigger named superstars instead of a Goldust on WWE NXT, which added to the show. Daniel Bryan and The Miz will have a match further down the road. You already started to see it shape up on NXT. The match between Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan wasn't anything special.

Overall I don't see a huge boost in ratings compared to ECW. I think for the first few weeks you could see good ratings, but after that I think you will see it averaging a 1 or lower tv rating.

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