ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Hypocrisy

WesAnalyst IFebruary 25, 2010

Certain things in life go together.

Peanut butter and jelly. Gin and tonic. And most importantly, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, who are co-hosts of the popular ESPN show, Pardon the Interruption .

Kornheiser and Wilbon are no more. Well at least not for the next two weeks, as ESPN, the worldwide leader in hypocrisy, suspended Kornheiser after he made inappropriate comments about fellow a ESPN employee.

Earlier this week on his radio show, Kornheiser threw some verbal jabs at ESPN anchor Hannah Storm and then landed a haymaker. What set Kornehiser off? An outfit Storm wore on the air.

Before we deal with the punishment, let me be honest for a second and admit that I thought Kornheiser's barbs were Hi-larry-us. Hilarious. If you haven't read his unique observation of Storm check it out here .

It may seem odd to go on some rant about this topic, but that’s what this site is for. It is a place for the fans to talk about issues in sports. And if you asked everyone on this site to list their top 10 shows, PTI would be on nearly everyone’s list. Even if you hate Kornheiser, you have an interest in this story.

Kornheiser, who gets paid to make witty comments about sports and people involved in sports, was simply going about his job. Yet for some reason ESPN went all huffy-puffy and suspended half of the PTI crew.

All of that being said, life is still going on as normal. As far as I can tell ESPN still had 30 reruns of SportsCenter , an annoying ticker on the bottom of ESPNEWS that causes nosebleeds, and reruns of poker tournaments on ESPN2, which still make me believe I can make a quick buck at the tables.

With business going on as usual across the family of networks, I really didn’t care too much about the suspension. But then it dawned on me: Was ESPN really serious with this? Did I miss something here?

Isn’t this the same station that had Lil Wayne appear regularly on various programs and even wrote blogs?

Not really. I’m not trying to pull a fast one on you here. Lil Wayne, who raps about smokin’ weed and having some naughty one-on-one time with the ladies, routinely appeared on First and Ten with Skip Bayless.

Yes, the same ESPN who routinely ripped Plaxico Burress for shooting himself in the thigh at a club was relatively quiet when it came to Lil Wayne’s pending sentence for gun possession.

But I get it. ESPN wants to pick and choose its spots. Someone makes naughty sex jokes, and it is a suspension. A thug rapper who stands for very few things that are good is seen as a cute idea. Insert sarcasm at any point.

And then it got me thinking about another example of hypocrisy from ESPN.

Ahhh, the Adam "Pacman" Jones incident at a strip club.

Remember that one? Pacman Jones was reportedly connected to a 2007 shooting at a strip club in Vegas, and ESPN ran wild with it. They were all over him as he made a return to the NFL, and I even think the ESPNEWS ticker went something like MLB, NCAAF, PACMAN. Yes, he had his own little section.

The worldwide leader in hypocrisy trashed Jones and even had a nice little story about it on Outside the Lines .

Before you knew it, Pacman Jones was gone, and ESPN was moving out to LA. It only seemed fitting that about one year after burying us in the horror of guns that Snoop Dogg needed to help pitch a promo for SporsCenter .

Holy horsebleep. I wanted to stab my eyeballs with ice cubes because I never wanted to see such a stupid sight. I don’t have an issue with ESPN ripping Jones, but if you’re going to do that, then don’t let a known felon rap alongside Mike Ditka in hopes of luring me into watch an Emmy Award winning program. Why the desperation guys?

What is it with ESPN thinking rappers who like sports are so great? Does it make them feel cool or give them street cred? No. It makes them a hypocrite.

Oh, and Snoop. Tell me how to spell your name one more time. Is it one “G” or two “Gs?” Oh, I forgot, it’s D-Oh-Double G. I’ve only been hearing that since 1993. Get a new line old man.

Oh, and stop hanging out with the USC football team. You’re almost 40. When you’re that old, the only excuse you have for hanging out around a football team is because you’re a coach, trainer, or scout.

You coach a pee-wee team, so don’t tell me you are a football coach. Judging by the fact that you were convicted of cocaine trafficking in high school, I highly doubt you went on and became a student of physical therapy. And your inability to speak without the use of rhymes would make me believe that a scouting report would be more humorous than informative.

This leads me to believe you are nothing more than a creepy old guy trying to convince himself that he still has it.

Is everyone catching my drift here with ESPN?

Go back up and connect the dots: They suspend Kornheiser for making an inappropriate comments, yet they have the audacity to have convicted felons like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg plastered all over their station.

It really doesn’t matter that ESPN suspended Kornheiser if you look at that incident for its own worth. But to ignore everything ESPN has done only blinds you from the fact that the supposed worldwide leader in sports is really just leading the way in hypocrisy.

Go ahead and start keeping track of things on your own. Listen to ESPN anchors rip into coaches who put their hands on kids, but then go out live to get an update from Bob Knight.

They will give you wall-to-wall coverage about Tiger Woods in a sex rehab clinic. But you won't hear much more than a peep from them when it comes to former employee Steve Philips, who was recently released from the same sex clinic that Tiger attended.

The list can go on and on. I’ll let you add your own.