Five Reasons Why Shogun Will Be The Next UFC Light Heavyweight Champion!

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2010

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  1. Reason number one, Shogun Rua already knows what it takes to be the champion, and in both Pride tournaments, and at the pinnacle of MMA, the UFC, a six percent difference between polled people showed me that the fight should have at least ended in a draw, good enough for me
  2. Nuber two, a pure healthy Shogun WILL bring even a better performance than he did last time against Lyoto Machida, Shogun might know he got the short end of the stick , but he never looks dejected or ready to outshine his last performance, he will simply change his strategy slightly, just enough to make Lyoto not aware ONCE again what he will bring into the cage.
  3.  Number three, if Shogun is a former model , than he is the baddest model that I have ever seen in my lifetime!
  4. Number four, if people expect Shogun Rua to come in this fight with exactley the same gameplan that had his loss , and I loosely use the word loss in the first fight, then a solid trip and slip gameplan will shake The Dragons confidence to it's core, remember, Lyoto went back to his roots to train with his pet monkey,s always a winning formula for defending a title that means so much to a "champion".
  5. Number five, Shogun Rua will show the world the hungriest Rua to ever enter a fight, Sogun has never been afraid to get inside of his opponant's range and use those perfectly timed trips, and then I see Rua use a weapon that every body else has failed, RIB KICKS, like a perfect tenderized piece of Texas brisket, so will the Dragon's ribs be basted to perfection.
  6. OH WELL I WENT OVER BY ONE. But this is just a vey early idea of what I think will happen, and if it does, Palm trees will sprout in my Iowa yard the vey next day. MMMMNNN coconut creme pie.