NXT's Ratings Beat IMPACT!'s..

KRiZZContributor IIFebruary 24, 2010

        WWE NXT jumped 73% in Adults 18-34 (430,000), 51% in Adults 18-49 (787,000) and 35% in Adults 25-54 (767,000), along with a 1.4 rounded rating.  Last week's episode of TNA iMPACT got a 1.2 rounded rating.  This article is not to only inform you that WWE NXT's ratings beat TNA iMPACT!'s ratings last week, but to clear everyone's language of saying "WWE RAW vs. TNA iMPACT!" or "WWE SMACKDOWN! vs. TNA iMPACT!".

        No one knows if WWE NXT can keep it's ratings, they can grow or throw, either way, after seeing WWE NXT prove that they're are TNA iMPACT!'s competition, maybe TNA iMPACT! has to step it's game up?  TNA iMPACT! has been beaten by a one-hour show of unknown stars to the average fan.  In my opinion, it'd be interesting to see TNA iMPACT! move to Tuesday's and compete with WWE NXT, where there is actually a chance of them winning in ratings.

         Feel free to comment about WWE NXT's first episode, TNA iMPACT!'s show.  What iMPACT! or WWE NXT need to do to step up, or basicly anything.  :)