This Is Why I Hate Scotland: Anti England FIFA World Cup T-Shirts

Daniel GoochAnalyst IFebruary 24, 2010

Scotland are making up for their failure to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa by taking it out on the English.

If you are Scottish, don't be ashamed that your country can't play football, just remember it will always be like that and you just have to deal with it.

So, why do Scottish people have to make this stupid t-shirt and make themselves even more cut off from England and the rest of the United Kingdom?

The t-shirt is on sale in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and is £20.

This happened at World Cup in Germany four years ago as well (not the t-shirt campaign), as a large majority of the Scottish population supported the team who were playing against England.

At least us England fans can actually support our own country!

The true payback would be if England went on to win the World Cup.

A.B.E = Anyone But England.

The English and Scottish are meant to be be friends with each other, although I think not!

This t-shirt campaign is just a stupid joke from the Scotland fans that's meant to make the English angry, and I guess it has.