Why NXT Will Succeed Where (WWE's) ECW Failed

JC AugustineCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2010

After watching NXT last night, I had mixed feelings, like many of you. The fact that Bryan Danielson acknowledged that he wanted William Regal to be his pro was a breath of fresh air. The fact that the WWE is allowing the stars to have an option on their characters and their personality is welcomed. Some of these “rookies” have been around the block more than once and could teach some “pros” how to really wrestle.

The biggest failure of NXT last night was that it billed itself as a reality TV when it looks faker than a porn star’s boobs. Besides that, the character developments of the characters were intriguing. Sadly, those mini bio videos were some of the best writing I have seen on WWE TV in a long time, which isn't saying much.

Some of the wrestlers look like they could have spent more time in FCW and others should not even be on NXT. David Otunga squash match was horrible but at least I saw who he was. David Otunga has a mix between Ezekiel Jackson and Nigel McGuinness: that smart, cocky, proper attitude mixed with a man who will kill you has my attention for now.

The match of the night was of course Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho. When I heard this, I almost had fainted with pleasure. The match itself seemed good but five minutes was nowhere near the twenty minute match those two men should have. Oh and Miz? What is a devert? Even though Bryan has had very little time on the mic, as we are reminded every five seconds by Michael Cole, his promo sounded more real than most of the veterans in the locker room.

Another thing: For the first time, Matt Striker said something that was a complete lie. Bryan Danielson has actually been in the WWE before. He was signed for a short time a few years ago and was a fricken jobber.

Michael Cole, really quick: I hate you, too.

On Twitter, Joey Styles said, "I'm an Internet fan and I can assure you that the exchange between Josh Mathews and Michael Cole was very real," Styles also added, "Cole lives in the WWE bubble."

In fact, I’m not surprised. Cole has become as hated as he is because he fails constantly at every narration he does, in any aspect. Heck, even Mike Adamle would be better.

WWE NXT is going to be better than WWE’s version of ECW because it is all about the new talent and isn’t disgracing the name of a proud wrestling promotion (despite NXT coincidentally being the name of a wrestling promotion in Scotland). NXT is all about the young talent and they will have time to develop before getting shipped off so they can make a true impact when they debut on Smackdown or Raw.