Mark McGwire: Remember Me?

John LewisSenior Writer IJuly 5, 2008

The last time we saw Mark McGwire he was raising his right hand at the 2005 Congressional Hearing and not talking about the past.  Since that time he's stayed away from all things baseball waiting for the steroids controversy to die down.

Well, we may see him in uniform as early as next year, this time as a hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies.  According to sources, McGwire almost took the job two years ago but decided at the last minute not to accept it.

This time around, things may change.  He's said to be the front runner for the struggling team in an effort to get them back on track.

During the winter, Big Mac is coaching names like Matt Holliday, Chris and Shelley Duncan, and Skip Shumaker, so a transition to hitting coach would be pretty easy. 

Those close to him are amazed at how much he truly knows about hitting, just ask the pitchers he faced over the years.  He did manage to hit 583 home runs during his 16 year career.

Injuries certainly slowed down his pursuit for 600 or even 700 home runs.  It's estimated he lost 320 games which could've translated into around 156 dingers, easily putting him over the magical 700.   

Whether McGwire will ever get into the Hall of Fame still remains a mystery.  He received just 23.5 percent in his first year and 23.6 percent in his second time on the ballot.