Gagne admits to HGH use

Micah WarrenContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

Shocking news from Yorba Linda today, former and current Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Eric Gagne told the LA Times that he used HGH in the past. This is a stunning development for anyone who didn’t see the Mitchell Report, doesn’t look at baseball stats, and/or doesn’t watch baseball.

“I did,” Gagne answered to columnist T.J Simer’s question about whether he used HGH.

“I hate to talk about it. It just doesn’t do anyone any good. But I thought it would help me get better when I hurt my knee. I just don’t want that to sound as an excuse.

“I’m so ashamed. It wasn’t smart. If I knew what I know now. . . . I didn’t need it. I regret it so much, just now maybe getting over the guilt. It was stupid.”

More shocking than this is that he says he’d be willing to take a Minor League assignment if he didn’t make the MLB club. He has a clause in his contract that makes him a free agent if he doesn’t make the Dodgers.

“I was in the Can-Am League,” said Gagne of his whereabouts last season. “Triple A will be like the big leagues.”