Burke Not Happy With USA Hockey Team

Micah Warren@@OTRSportsonlineContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

Despite a thrilling 5-3 defeat of the Canadian Olympic team, the General Manager who assembled this United States club is still not pleased with the team’s performance. Brian Burke says they need to play better or they won’t be winning anything.

“They don’t hand out any medals for finishing first in the preliminary round,” Burke said. “We had a bunch of guys not perform to the level we need if we’re going to have success. No one’s taking any bows now. I am not pleased with how we’ve played to this point. It’s nice we got to this position. If we don’t crank it up, it all goes for nothing.”

Hopefully Team USA gets the message. According to Burke, if goalie Ryan Miller didn’t stand on his head, they’d have gotten owned.

“We got outchanced, 2-to-1,” Burke said. “Our goaltender stole us a game. That’s what happened. People can say that Canada didn’t play well. I disagree with that. They outchanced us. I thought that, except for the goaltending position, we didn’t deserve to win that game last night.

“That being said, that’s why we brought him. That’s why he’s in the net. It’s not like we’re apologizing for the team we brought. That’s why he’s here, because he makes saves like that. That’s not going to do it in the next round. We know that.”