Playoff Preview - Jamario Moon

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIFebruary 24, 2010

As the unofficial Jamario Moon website, I've tried to be honest in my opinion throughout the entire year. I was obviously thrilled to learn he signed with arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference and also arguably the best team in the league. Recently Moon has received little playing time and actually didn't play in two games. This is likely due to the recent addition of Antawn Jamison. However, with Leon Powe getting closer to an appearance and guys like Hickson and Jackson needing time off the bench, where does Moon fit in?

So far the Cavaliers have made it clear that Moon is primarily a defensive specialist. He gets most of his scoring done by backdoor cuts and can occasionally hit a three. The Cavaliers obviously don't need him for scoring and before the Jamison trade, Moon typically played crucial minutes late in the fourth quarter. I remember specifically one game versus the 76ers where Moon defended Igoudala and contained him as best as he could to lock up a Cavaliers win. I would have to imagine if he stays healthy that he would continue to play the role come the playoffs. However, that will all depend on how well Leon Powe does. Powe performed great two years ago in the finals and really became a imminent role player for that Celtics team. Not having played for months will certainly hinder Powe some, but he still should be a decent rebounder for the Cavaliers. All this having been said, I see Moon getting about 10 minutes in most playoff games. I do see him sitting a couple games completely, but as long as the Cavaliers use him the way they said they would, I'm happy.