Florida 2010 Schedule: Early Prediction

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2010

After an incredible four year run with just one little 9-4 dip some where in the middle the Florida Gators face a new adventure. An adventure without heralded quarterback Tim Tebow.

And, with the head man himself looking for a little "wink-wink" R & R who knows how the Gators will shape up for next Fall.

Something tells me Urban's R & R stands for "research & recruitment" because that is exactly what he has done since his stepping down...and stepping back up...and stepping, well you know.

So, where will they be come Fall? Most people think they will have huge drop off. 

Lets see what my prognostication says.

September 4th, Miami Ohio; You can't ask for a better opening game. Starting a new quarterback, finding a running game, and overhauling the UF field leaders is a must. Having an easy opponent is also a must. You can expect the usual, a lopsided victory. -W-

September 11th, South Florida; They let Jim Leavitt go for what reason? That reason isn't going to help the Bulls any how. Low on returning defensive starters and still a one man show on offense USF would need more than a Holtz descendant to right the ship this early. -W-

September 18th, at Tennessee; UT is just waiting for this game. They are waiting for it to come and go as quickly as possible! Low on talent and fresh off the coaching carousel the Vols don't have enough man power to take out the Gators. Lack of quarterback is still hurting the Vols. Three years in a row now. Home field heart will keep it respectable, but not that respectable. -W-

September 25th, Kentucky; The Wildcats did the most damage to the Gators last year. They knocked Tim Tebow out. Brantley came in for some mop-up duty but nothing major. This year UK has to rebuild some defensive positions and the new Joker leading the Cats has some passing issues he needs to work on. The Swamp is no place to do it. -W-

October 2nd, at Alabama; The last time Urban went to Bryant Denny Stadium it didn't turn out that well. He repaid the favor the following two meetings but fell short on the fourth. If Brantley can manage to throw the ball against this new Bama secondary they will have a good game. However, with the Tide returning the majority of the offensive starters look for more of the same ball control from the SEC championship game. -L-

October 9th, Louisiana State University; It seems that Urban has the blue print for beating the Tigers. This is a tricky game to call. LSU has talent but a bit of a boogery type of coaching. They are hungry to beat UF and it doesn't matter where they do it. It is do or die time for Les. He will throw out all of the stops to win this game. -L-

October 16th, Mississippi State; Dan Mullen seems a bit miffed at the calls from last years game. To bad he want be able to take it out on the Gators this year. Without starting quarterback Tyson Lee and game carrying running back Anthony Dixon, State has to rebuild to get back to the .500 mark. -W-

October 30th Georgia; Oh my, where do we start? How many times have the Gators won The Worlds Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party since Spurrier started leading the Florida nation? Don't make me look it up, but I know it takes about three hands and two of Brandon Spikes fingers to count! That is in the past. Both teams lose a lot on defense but the key to this game is Logan Gray or who ever is in the quarterback seat for the Dawgs. If they are good this could be a shoot out. This may be the best game of the season to watch in the whole conference. I'm flippin' a coin. Tails! -W-

November 6th, at Vanderbilt; -W-

November 13th, South Carolina; Spurrier comes home again. Every time he does he gets scolded, spanked and sent packing. Coming into the season looking pretty good on offense and defense the Gamecocks just have to wait for the other shoe to drop. It is hard to bet against the Gators in this game. Steve gave USC their first win against the Gators since 1964 and this will be his swan song. LONG LIVE THE VISOR! -L-

November 20th, Appalachian State; Like Vanderbilt what do you say? -W-

November 27th, at Florida State; Jimbo Fisher has garnered FSU a top 10 recruiting class for the 2010 season but unless he has five or six All American defensive players in that class he still is going to be playing catch up. However, if the offense tightens up a bit this just might be the Seminoles year. Another one to watch very closely. -W-

Final Notes:

I don't care how you cut it UF has a drop off in production. I don't know when I saw a team lose so much talent in one period. Top shelf names like Tebow, Spikes, Dunlap, Cooper, Haden, Wright, Hernandez, James and Pouncey are not automatically replaceable.

The offensive style of play has to be revamped. The running game was great but it was spread around with most of the yards being carried by Tebow. Some one is going to have to take over the power back role.

Defensively, you know the talent is their but coaching changes and rotation may effect UF in the 2010 season.

I had the Gators going 12-0 last season, who didn't, but this year I may be stretching it at 9-3. On the other hand I also feel that LSU and South Carolina are both swing games. And if we are on that topic so are the UGA and FSU games.

Therefore UF could look at an 8-4 season or 11-1. I would lean more towards 11-1 with Urban Meyer at the helm. However, I think the reality is 9-3.

Hey, didn't that happen in 2007? Look out 2011!



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