Three Superstars We're Tired Of (Or at Least I Am)

Steven KingContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

This is my first article, so be easy. This is all just my own opinion combined with a small number of people I've talked to, so don't go entirely crazy.

3. Hulk Hogan

You can call me ignorant all you want about Hogan. After all, I'm only 15 so I missed a lot of the things that have made him popular in the past, but Hulk sold out. From what I have seen, he's just scrapping for some fame. I'll admit that I don't know much about him, but with him being on two reality shows and his daughters show, it's obviouse he doesn't want to be forgotten. With him coming back to wrestling to challenge the WWE it's even more obvious. Even with him in TNA, he's just trying too hard. Hell, I like Eric Bischoff more than Hulk Hogan. He obviously doesn't know how to seperate his real life from his wrestling career, since his family even used his fake last name. For those of you who don't know, his real name is Terry Gene Bollea. I love wrestling, but most of us know it's fake, so we can only hope the superstars know that to.

2. Chris Jericho

Now, this one is subject to change. With Edge back and Jericho holding the Heavyweight Championship, we should exspect a good feud to explode. On a side note: I think Christian will win the MITB match and challenge Edge or Jericho right after their match is over. Now, back to my main point, Jericho was tough to add to this list even though I put him at number two. I should've put Cryme Tyme or CM Punk, but Cryme Tyme isn't worth it, as a black man they annoy the hell out of me. And CM Punk's "I'm better than you" gimmick is getting old, but Jericho will have to do for now, and honestly I don't have a real reason for it.

1. John Cena

It's the same thing with him no matter where he goes. He stands up for the little guy and is always the victimised hero. His moves are the same and he always wins his matches with a huge burst of hype to turn the tide of a match. He does a few shoulder blocks, a five knuckle shuffle, and when his opponent reacts by holding their face and standing up, he hits the FU. Sometimes his opponent will escape the FU only to be locked into the STF later in the match. As far as his mic skills go, even that's all the same. "I've been through hell, and I can't be stopped now" or "I do it all for the fans and I love the troops, so you should love me." I love the troops to, hell, I've planned my whole life around having a military career, but Cena trys too hard. He is genuinely a good guy when you think about it, but he really get's on my nerves in the ring.

That concludes my list and my first article, leave  comment to let me know what you think.