Why Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II Will End in a Draw

DidoContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

Last year at Wrestlemania 25 we were witness to one of the greatest wrestling     matches of all time. Legendary performers The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels met in the square ring for the first time at Wrestlemania.

Both were staples at the event as each had their own history within it. Undertaker with his unbroken streak and Shawn Michaels for his five star matches, all at Wrestlemania.

What followed was a 30 minute roller coaster ride of a match where Shawn came up really close multiple times but ultimately failed and became another victim of the Deadman who extended his streak to 17-0.

Now one year later we are getting ready to see these once again go at it but this time not just is the streak at stake no no no, at his part Shawn Michaels must put up his soul which is another term for his career.

So now what we have on our hands is a Streak vs Career match. This match is incredibly dangerous as it adds a twist to the match and leaves us wondering who will win.

I believe though that this match will proboly conclude in a draw. Why? Well here's why.

1. Neither wrestler will benefit from the win

What if Shawn Michaels does win the match? What if he finally ends one of wrestlings most famous streaks? Then what? Will he benefit from this? Will he become the absolute greatest wrestler in the world?

No! He in many people's opinions already is. His resume holds many impressive achievements that will most likely never be surpassed.

Same goes for Undertaker, like Shawn he is nearing the end of his legendary wrestling career ending Shawn's career won't benefit him either. He is considered one of the greatest WWE superstars like Shawn and will forever be a legend.

His streak is a sybolism of his years of battle and struggle to maintain it. So to lose it to someone who will most likely retire right after is pretty much a waste.

I believe no other superstar deserves to end the others streak or career than each other.

2. Other Talent can benefit from being the one to end the streak/career

The young superstars of today are the future of the company. Soon both Shawn and Taker will have retired and we're left with two big gaps in WWE that need to be filled. So why not in some type of form, have the passing of the torch?

Have Shawn Michaels go up against a young up and coming superstar in a career threatening match, have the superstar defeat Shawn putting an end to the career of the main event showstopper.

Although some believe the Undertaker's streak should never be broken I agree and disagree on it. Sure it's pretty some impossible that anyone will ever end it but what a young superstar finally became the ONE to end the match?

He would be hated yes? But the rub he would get would be enormous on his career. Either way it could help to establish a main event superstar.

3. Both are rumored to be taking time off after Wrestlmania 26

I think the career stake is just another way for Shawn to take a long break from WWE. Both are taking time off after their match much like last year where both disappeared until Summerslam.

Maybe it's true Shawn will officially retire but what I believe might happen is this year it ends in a draw. Next year they face off one last time similar to the Rock vs Steve Austin Wrestlemania Trilogy.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels III?

This time BOTH wrestlers careers are on the line where somehow both pin each other and retire each other.

Either way I'm excited to see what will happen and can't wait to see the outcome of this years Wrestlemania.

See Ya lata.

-Jae Jae