Darcy Tucker in Colorado: Will It Work?

Branden LeemanCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

Darcy Tucker signed with the Colorado Avalanche on July 1 this year. The 33-year-old right winger signed a two-year deal worth $4.5 million with the Avs.

Tucker played in 74 games for the Maple Leafs last season, recording 18 goals and 16 assist for 34 points and was also a minus-8. He also chalked up 100 penalty minutes and seven power-play goals.

I am not quiet sure why Tucker would sign with Colorado, which also seems to be in the same position as Toronto was last year. Yes, Colorado is young and talented, but with a season of hope last year and nothing to come of it, maybe Tucker should have looked elsewhere?

Or maybe the market on Tucker just was not that big, as he is getting older and some say he is losing his gritty edge, not to mention his body is wearing down. Which brings me to this: Why choose the fast, crazy, hard-hitting West? I mean, no offence to the Eastern Conference, but the West is faster, better, hard-hitting hockey; it's just that simple.

So will Tucker survive? Though I'm biased (he is one of my favorite players), I think he most likely will.

Branden Leeman, 9:46 a.m., July 5