Crick's Corner: The Bengals Need To Draft a Quarterback

Pat BonnerContributor IOctober 14, 2016

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have a few simple needs: wide receivers (come on Laveranues Coles), a secondary, and offensive line. Easy; the draft has a few top notch safeties, the o-line is easily build-able, and there are tons of free agent receivers on the market.

There's not too many glaring needs to attend to in the draft, so this is what needs to happen. They should take a receiver or a safety -preferably the latter if Eric Berry or Taylor Mays are there. With their second pick they needs to take QB, whether it be Colt McCoy, Tony Pike or even Tim Tebow. Carson Palmer doesn't seem like the same QB after surgery and hasn't shown signs of improving much. He doesn't have the ability to make those around him better, and when it gets late in to seasons, he can not carry the load.

I'm not saying start J.T. O'Sullivan. Palmer is good, but the Bengals can have someone ready in a couple years, someone who can very well be a franchise guy if they're handled right. Carson is good for now. If the Bengals don't want to fall back to the bottom, they need to get some insurance at quarterback.