Is This The Year Shawn Michaels Retires From Pro Wrestling?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 23, 2010

People have come to love Shawn Michaels for what he has done in and out of the squared circle. HBK is known by many trademark names from "Heartbreak Kid", to the "Showstopper" but the one name that he has been known for is Icon. Shawn Michaels has wrestled since he was twenty years old but last night the WWE made the WrestleMania 25 rematch between HBK and The Undertaker. The only major stipulation to the match is that if HBK loses then he must retire from the WWE.

Shawn has been one of the top guys in WWE since 1993 when he went on his own from the Rockers and he has never looked back since then. HBK has had so many classic matches that you may have to come up with a telethon just to decide which match was his greatest. All of that is great but could we actually see HBK finally hang up the boots after WrestleMania? I know people may say that it would be "kayface" retirement but can you really say that without any doubts? I know the WWE may not be able to because HBK has asked to retire since 2007 but Vince has always found a way to bring him back into the WWE.

The Undertaker has his famous streak on the line too so that may be ended instead of HBK retiring but WWE has always seemed to stand behind his streak due to the amount of fan fare he still recieves. Fans always like those twists in the plot but I am starting to believe that maybe this is the year that HBK retires for good and there are several good reasons for why he should weither its his health or being a dad to his kids but the fact is that retirement is not that far away.

So now it will still be seen as to if the WWE is actually going to have HBK end Undertaker's streak or not at Mania but you never know, maybe the day after WrestleMania, we could be seeing HBK's sendoff from pro wrestling.