Jamere Holland: Moron of the week

Matt TarrContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

The Pacific Northwest train wreck known as Jamere Holland continues to careen out of control, and you’re invited to watch. All it takes is a Facebook account.

Jamere Holland

Jamere Holland

The former University of Oregon receiver (and former Southern Cal receiver … see a trend here?) was released from the UO football team Sunday after Facebook-punking coach Chip Kelly and writing that he wished he could “block whites” as Facebook friends this past weekend.

Holland seemingly believed Kelly had dismissed teammate Kristian Kiko Alonso after the linebacker was cited for DUII and various other infractions. The funny thing? Kelly hadn’t. Alonso still is a member of the team, while Holland is looking for another team. So, if you found yourself standing in the same steaming pile of dog poop, what would your response be once Monday morning rolled around … maybe lay low for a few days and allow this mess to blow over? Notta chance.

If you’re Holland, you update your Facebook status.