Kindergarten Coach: Will Arsenal Benefit from Wenger's Formula?

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2010

Last week while watching Arsenal play against Porto, I could not resist smiling.  I realised that Arsene "Nelson" Wenger's (the old fella never laughs) young bunch of baby-faced kids will not be a threat to either Chelsea or ManU in the near future.

The style of the team suggested it needed someone more experienced along with Fabregas. Van Persie must be highly missed by Wenger. The team has a bunch of talented kids who do not know what or how to play. 

They do not have an inspiring player who needs to take the reins of the team on the field, like Giggs or Rooney in ManU, Terry and Lampard in Chelsea, or Gerrard in Liverpool. These players are inspirational for the whole team. Arsenal had Henry at one time. But after he left, they have no one to look to for motivation.

The Arsenal side looks like a primary school team with an aged coach training them without ever similing. All the players are cute looking. The team has got talent and maybe they will achieve something in the future. Maybe! But only if all these players stay. 

Their long run without a single piece of silverware can be highly frustrating. These players know that they could be on teams that are highly successful, instead of dreaming for silverware playing in Arsenal.

It won't be a surprise if Fabregas leaves Arsenal for Barca because that is very common. Given the talent he has, he can become a legend playing with matured players in Barca and can achieve great success in his career. He must be emotionally conflicted regarding the decision he'll have to make. Should he move to Barca? Or stay for a few more years here in Arsenal? Those questions must be racing through his mind.

If Arsenal does not bring some experienced players to the team, I do not see any piece of trophy for Wenger and his kindergarten kids in the next two or three seasons.