Free Agent : Ochocinco Meet Ochouno?

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Free Agent : Ochocinco Meet Ochouno?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Could you imagine these two on Sunday's as teammates, talk about get your popcorn ready!

Them alone will sell tickets by themselves, but together it would be huge to see both personalities in the same huddle.  The competition between them will be the most intense thing you ever seen and they would be on the same team.

Everybody will be holding their breathes waiting to see who catches the first Td, and that's not what you waiting for, you waiting to see what happens after the first TD catch by either Ocho or Owens.  For every td Owens Catch he will have a celebration and ocho will match whatever Owens does vice versa.

All I got to say do they have there check book ready.  Owens and Ochocinco on the same team business wise and entertainment wise very good, but for team wise not a good idea.

It would be very interesting though to see how would they interact with one another, I definitely would pay to see it.



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