USC Stepping Stone: Top 10 Post-Trojan Jobs For Lane Kiffin

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USC Stepping Stone: Top 10 Post-Trojan Jobs For Lane Kiffin

Once a landscape of harrowed tradition and occupational stability, the world of college football has recently transformed into a raging whirlwind of immediacy that has spurred a pursuit of the easy dollar.

Driven by our society’s mantra of “What have you done for me lately,” college football fans are an impatient bunch that requires results — and quickly. And because the game is continually confirming its status as a business enterprise to be reckoned with, the result has been pastures around each corner that are as green as the money that created them.

As such, head coaches today have adopted fickleness as their crutch. No longer are football programs built from scratch over the course of multiple generations by a single man; rather, it is the norm today to avoid being stuck in one location for an extended period of time, and leave at the first calling of the highest bidder.

As sad as it is, it is truth. And no one coach in the college game today embodies this modern philosophy better than Lane Kiffin.

Not yet 35 years of age, Kiffin is arguably the Golden Boy of collegiate coaches, but his job history suggests underneath the smooth thirty-something exterior lays a perturbed senior citizen that is perpetually annoyed with his current situation.

Kiffin has yet to remain at any one job for longer than five years. In fact, of his six jobs in the game of football, both in the NCAA and the NFL, five has lasted fewer than three years.

However, now that he’s back at USC, Kiffin seems at ease. But does this mean he’s finally in it for the long haul? Or will his occupational schizophrenia kick in again, resulting in more empty promises and another exasperated fan base? Time will tell.

Here’s a look at what Kiffin could be doing if and when he leaves Los Angeles.

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