The Reason Why Pro Wrestling is Not an Absolute Joke: The Wrestlers

DidoContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

A recent barrage of articles claiming pro wrestling is fake and not a real sport have come from seemingly out of nowhere.

This person makes fun of pro wrestling, mocking it, mocking the fans, and everything about it. Although no one can really do anything about it since it's his own opinion. We can voice our own comeback about our passion.

But what I don't think people understand about this entertainment we fans watch is the danger the superstars themselves face every time they step into the ring.

These people travel across the world, away from their families just to have the right to entertain us fans. Yes it's scripted, yes we know it's fake, but the pain suffered mentally and physically by these wrestlers is 100 percent real.

Why don't you try to and do the things these men and women do?

Try putting your body through pain day in and day out. The injuries suffered by these wrestlers are real. Even so, if it's a broken neck or life altering injury they still claw their way back to hopefully entertain us.

It's disrespectful to mock these people at something they love to do and worked their lives to achieve.

It's easy to sit behind a computer or sit on a couch and laugh how it's all fake but until you're actually in that ring working your ass and actually doing something with their lives.

Just shut up.