Dear NBC, We Want Live Olympics Coverage!

GetOutofMyBallparkCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

I don't have a real strong grasp on this as a broad consumer issue, but speaking solely for myself: I want to see the Olympics as they happen. From purely an entertainment standpoint, it just sucks knowing what happens before you watch the event. The Winter Olympics in particular are all about caring about sports you would have ZERO interest in otherwise, and it's fun to watch them unfold. I got to see the freaking Men's Cross Country races live (which I watched) and you can't give me the biggest names in US Olympic Sports as they happen???

You can't just tape delay things anymore and expect the whole world isn't following it on Twitter.

The last Winter Olympics was four years ago, before Twitter, Skype, the mainstream emergence of YouTube, etc... four human years ago is like 25 technology years. We are in the age of immediacy and NBC's Olympic coverage must reflect that. Waking up at 530 AM to watch the Sox in Japan a few years ago was awesome, friends came over, we made a huge breakfast, and all went to work drunk. The World Cup Games that are scheduled during the day or the middle of the night, we make special plans around to watch the ones important to us. NBC: We're big boys and don't need you spoon feeding us the world's purest sporting event at only the times you can make the most money.